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Going Environmentally Friendly??

Here at T.J. Christmas Tree Farm we are doing as much as we can to reduce our impact on the planet. 

That's why this year alongside our fresh cut trees we are also offering our Pot-Grown Christmas Trees. These have been grown on our farm from 2 years old sapling and they are now ready for a new home at nearly 7 years old. Available now on the website.

Pot-Grown Christmas trees are amazing for anyone who has ever dreamed of growing their own Christmas Tree, well now you can. When you buy your Pot-Grown Christmas tree from us you can either plant it straight out into the garden and wait for it to grow before you cut it and bring inside for Christmas, or simply keep growing it in the pot bringing it in for Christmas every year.

Pot-Grown Christmas trees have a much lower carbon footprint than cut trees not to mention fake Christmas Trees. 

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