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 We are a family run Christmas tree farm supplying Cheshire with premium quality Christmas trees year on year. 

ENVIRMENTALLY FREINDLY!! Currently available from the farm or on the website!!  

Contribute to the environment by buying a pot-grown Christmas Tree from us! 

This is a perfect an idea for those who want to grown their own Christmas Tree. 

Keep your Christmas Tree in the pot outside then bring in for Christmas every year, this means that you'll never have to buy a Christmas Tree again, or simply plant your Christmas Tree out in the garden, give it lot's of love, watch it grow and in a few years time you could chop down your own Christmas Tree for Christmas. 




We also sell premium quality kiln dried firewood, oak, ash, birch. Offers now. Please call for more info or see our logs website at www.logsandfuel.co.uk